Dale Tumbach is a thorough advocate who spends his time analyzing, interpreting, negotiating, and litigating on his clients’ behalf. 

Dale started post-secondary at the University of Alberta where he obtained his Bachelor of Science (BSc). Here, he honed his time management and organizational skills and increased his knowledge in mathematics and research. After graduating, Dale studied immensely, took the GMAT, and enrolled at the University of Alberta in the Business Administration Master’s Degree (MBA) program. In this program, Dale developed an understanding of negotiations, economics, and business structure. He uses this knowledge today when communicating with opposing counsel or assisting clients with matters such as corporate reorganizations.

However, more than anything, Dale wanted to help people during times of great distress; he knew he wanted to apply his competence and skills to a profession that could impact the lives of others. Dale studied laboriously and, this time, took his LSAT and applied to University of Alberta’s Faculty of Law. After three years, Dale graduated feeling confident he had found his calling.

After working in law for some time, Dale decided to open Yungwirth Tumbach with his long-time colleague the Honourable Justice Debra Yungwirth, before Justice Yungwirth was appointed as a Justice for the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta. This partnership lasted until Justice Yungwirth’s appointment. Following this venture, Dale, Tom Colquhoun, Mark Demas, Jennifer Leung, Joanna Davidoff, and Sean Schaefer started TC Family Law Group. At TC, Dale assists his clients with their intricate divisions and passes his expertise and experience to other lawyers through mentoring.

Dale has experience litigating in the Provincial Court of Alberta and Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta.

When Dale’s not hard at work, he’s spending time with his family, motorcycling with friends in Phoenix, Arizona, experiencing a new culture, or witnessing natural wonders.

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